Valentine Tea from "@tracktly recipes" by Mairead Bree O'Ceiehardyhaa

@tracktly's Valentine Tea is designed to allow the body to produce more iron and energy. Iron is important, because iron helps humans to manage their red blood cell count. Red blood cells contain hemoglobin, an iron rich protein that carries oxygen through our bloodstream. @tracktly health products are made to enhance and embellish life by way of focusing on studying and supporting human body functions and life indicators. @tracktly's Valentine Tea is good to drink when feeling sluggish or fatigued.

01. boil water
02. Put dandelion into your water.

03. Put nettle into your water.

04. Put honey into your water.

04. Put B12 liquid into your water.

05. Season to taste with honey, lemon and lime, not sugar.

I've never tasted this, but can only imagine it's probably pretty bitter, so you might not want to use too much water. Sometimes taking shots is easier to take the taste. Then, enjoy a full cup of free water afterwards.

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